Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A Painting in Progress

I can't believe that it has been over a month since my last post. I have been really busy around here. I am getting ready for a big festival and i have had alot of business on the Graphic Design and Marketing side of my business as well. I want to share a painting that is almost finished and I thought the stepout pictures would be a fun way to show how it has come along.

When I first started this one it looked like the Partridge Family Bus so I decided to add some patterns to a few of the squares and then I did a wash of color to tone down the overall piece.
Then I started to add some peacock feathers around the outside.
The blue blended in a little too much so I decided to add some white to make them pop and the I planned on adding some more colors to make them look more realistic.
I kept trying to figure out what phrase that I was going to add to the center and I decided that since i had painted feathers it would be good to add a "fly" phrase.
i started adding some purple, teal and , green gold to make the feathers pop.
i then added some Magenta and started adding in the plumes of the feathers with Phthalo Turquoise and a dark green.
I have added some colors to the words now as well and I hope to have it finished before Saturday's festival but if I dont I have another artist event on Friday, November 14.
I hope you enjoy this step out of a painting. I will be back soon.


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